2023. december 4.,
hétfő - Borbála


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About us/ Introducing


The home of our exhibition is the „New Bastion”. This is a remain of the deforestion of City Győr from the XVI th century. It was the age of Turkish occupation of the Hungarian Kingdom.

Our visitors can see the flora and fauna of South America and can discover the casemate and the original state of preservation of New Bastion.

One of the most unique part of the exhibition is the 18 meters long 200 m3 plaudary, what presets the Amasonas’ living vorld. Our guests can follow along the 40m long way of the World’s most strong ants - the Leaf Cutter Ants.
During the journey in the Rain Forest there is the possibility for child and grown-ups to tuch hold in hand and get acquatined themselves with some very exotic, but friendly species.

Almost 40 species more hundred individuals make an unforgettable experience for the visitors.

We are waiting everyone!




Pálffy u. 4B Győr H-9022
e-mail: fulesbastya@fulesbastya.hu

Open hours: Every day 10h-18h. (Closed temporary from October 1 )
Telephone: +3620 3928914

Adventure under your feet:

The Füles Bastion is located in the middle of the inner city. (behind of the theatre)

It can be reached from the railway station and bus station only 10 minutes of walking.

Behind of the castle wall in the first street on the right side can be found the „Right Way” to the „World of Amasonas”

Service Fees

Adoult ticket:     1200 HUF

Children ticket:     1000 HUF
(2-14 years)

Retired ticket:     1000 HUF

Group ticket:        600 HUF/person

(We ask kindly the school and nursary groups to make an appointment before the visit)            

Family ticket: 3900 HUF (2 adoults + 2 children, or 1 adoult + 3 children)

Combinated family ticket: 12000 HUF ( 1 week validity for 1 entry to the Füles Bastion and 1 entry to the János Xantus Zoo)


Coronavirus information

maszk használata kötelező

To protect our visitors and employees, we require the use of face masks in the area of the terrarium house. Thank you for your understanding!

The vaccination card is not required.

H K Sz Cs P Sz V
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